Saturday, December 15, 2012

Comfort at My Table, Milton

Food hunting was basically what I did during my two weeks summer holidays in Brisbane before I got back to SI.  The experience was great, I had heaps of photos in my camera and phone.  Decided to update this journey first since it was still fresh in memory.  

It was last Thursday (My graduation day), before I went to my college for graduation ceremony, Shirley and I went for Brunch at Milton.  I heard about Comfort at My Table for quite a long time and when both of us were doing research on the breakfast cafe(s) in Brisbane, we came to the page again.  So at last we made our way there.  It was the last brunch (not the last meal cos we had dinner together again at Morrison Hotel! Will update asap) we had together.  FYI, she's leaving Brisbane for good. :( 

We went by bus.  Iit's located at Milton so we thought it is further away from Brisbane CBD, however, it's just a few minutes bus ride.  It was already 10am when we arrived.  The store was still busy although it's working hours.  Many were queuing up for the coffee!!!

No wonder it's called Comfort at My Table.  I love the interior design and furnishing!  Once I stepped into this cafe, I got an immediate sense of warmth, care and love.  

 Simply love the simplicity of their menus.  The menu is interesting with many options!  Don't worry, I'm pretty sure you can get something you favor for brekky to start your morning.

 They have everyday specials' menu!


Formal wear was required for the graduation ceremony and I ended up wearing this.  
Not formal at all but who cares. nahhahaha.

 Shirley's One Pan Fry Up.
(Lamb Cheese Kransky, Potatoes, Bacon, Mushrooms, Egg and French Toast)

 My Mixed Mushroom, served with Sourdough, Feta Cheese, Rockets and Roasted Lemon.
(I love the roasted lemon!)

The mini mince tarts for dessert.  

The best brunch I've ever had in Brisbane.  Not to mention how comfy the cafe is, the waiters and owner's enthusiasm and the great food totally deserve a visit!  I will definitely revisit the cafe and spend an hour or two there!!!

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