Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Burrow, West End

I've been waiting for months to visit those breakfast cafe(s) in West End.  I wish I can go once in a fortnight, just for food hunting.  And finally I got the chance to visit after my exams!  It was actually an outing with friends (Shirley, Daniel, Wei Wei, Esther, Nick & Vincent) but we decided to go for brunch.  The Burrow was where we visited!

The wooden furniture at The Burrow grabbed my attention once we reached there.  It's just like a cafe that my grandparents would visit, sitting there chit-chatting throughout the day.  The cozi-ness is the main thing.  

We arrived around 10.30am and the seats downstairs were full so we went upstairs. It was a really hot morning so we chose the seats at the balcony.

The menus.
Apparently The Burrow offers a wide variety of breakfast.  We spent ten minutes to read through the menu and discussed.  We even googled to get the meaning of those words.  New terms learnt during the day.  haha.

 The girls

 The guys

 Lemon Lime Bitters.  

 Little Pig Little Pig. 
The name is cute.  We were a bit disappointed because we expected a larger portion, at least a bigger piece of pork belly I guess?  
It tastes like normal roasted pork belly.  We all agreed that this dishes has nothing special except for its name. (HAHA)  The pork belly is exactly what we can get from any stores at Sunnybank. (Perhaps better taste?)

 El Desperados Taco
This is probably the best among all the dishes.  Highly recommended.
The pork tinga tastes good with the hot sauce provided.  I simply love the jalapeno salsa.

 "Off with your Head!"
A heavy breakfast we reckoned.
Morcilla is what we googled and most of the girls refused to eat once they knew what it is.  
Morcilla - 'Black Pudding' / 米血糕
To keep it short, it's a kind of sausage made of cooking blood, can be pig, sheep or duck.
It's a bit too salty for us.

"Don Juan"
Morcilla. Potato Cake.  The girls didn't eat the morcilla and ended up eating the egg and the potato cake only.
Apparently morcilla isn't suitable for us. bahahaa.

We weren't too impressed with our choice on this breakfast cafe but had fun gathering and having breakfast together. Lotsa of fun anyways.  I guess there won't be another visit for its breakfast.  After all the price is not really affordable for us (students).  It's at the range of 13 to 20 dollars for one dishes.  

Perhaps another visit for its lunch or dinner?  Cos it's on the 'Talk of the Town' list on Urbanspoon.

The Burrow on Urbanspoon

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