Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Anouk Cafe @Paddington

Finally we had a chance to continue our Saturday brunch-hunting journey.  This time - Anouk Cafe! Anouk is located between those steep ridges and hills. Feeling terrible driving in Paddington: look at those steep hills!!! 

Saturday-the only day with alarm off. So, we ended up having lunch instead of brunch cos we reached there around 12pm. It was very busy around that time, everyone's enjoying their Saturdays!

You can choose to sit in the cafe or outside along the street. To be honest, the atmosphere in the cafe is nice (I love their written menu on the board, goshh the handwriting is so neat! How I wish our lecturers can write neater...) However, it was quite hot that morning so it turned up to be very stuffy in the cafe. We didn't want to sit outside because of the sunlight!

Too hot, so no more coffee for brunch (Normally I have skinny capp for brunch)
I had the mango, pineapple, orange and passionfruit fruit shake (I requested them to not to include banana in the skake. aahah) Myra had the soda drink which contains raspberry and mango. Her drink might not seem photogenic but nice to taste. 

Finally! We weren't impressed by the slow service. We waited for like half an hour until our food came. 
I got the omelette and Myra had the open steak sarnie served with haloumi, bacon, egg, onion, beetroot jam(YUMM) and sweet curls.

There was a hint of pink in the very middle of the steak so we supposed that was cooked to medium-well. At first we thought the meat will be very dry but it was juicy! *It was a bit chewier by the way.. The beetroot jam was YUMMM. The star of this dishes isn't the steak but the baked sweet potato curls. They were thin and crispy..

It was my first time having omelette at cafes cos that's something that we can simply make at home.
Well, I don't like it as it's too oily and cheesy.. It's nice to have a few bites only. The sourdough was terrible #omggg

We'll definitely come back for the sweet curls but not for the brunch! I should try their coffee during my next visit. Coffee defines how good the cafe is, right?

Ciao~ Off to work. Accidentally deleted my 1100 words which was my hardwork throughout the day. Lesson learnt. 

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